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Instructions on how to create an account

  1. Click the MY ACCOUNT top menu item.

2. In the right part on the opened screen, fill in the fields under the Create a New Account header:

3. Click the Register button to finalize the registration and create the account:


Instructions on how to log in

  1. If you already have your account created, click on the MY ACCOUNT menu item:

2. In the left part on the opened screen, fill in the fields under the Login header and click the Login button to proceed. You may also check the ‘remember me’ checkbox to have your credentials input automatically upon next visits.


Instructions on how to start an application

  1. When you have logged in, click the APPLY top menu item to start the application process:

2. The first page of the application will most likely have your personal details from your account already filled in:

3. Review them and click Save and Next button to proceed:

4. On the Nominee Information page, select if you are submitting an application as an Individual or on behalf of a Clinical Team and fill in the corresponding details. Then, click Save and Next to proceed.

5. Then fill in the Facility and program details and click Save and Next at the bottom.

6. On the final page of the application, upload your supporting documents for the outlined Program Elements:

7. At the bottom of the last page, click Save if you haven’t finished the application and want to get back to it later. If you have provided all information, click Save and Finalize and your application will be submitted.